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Penis Enlargement Videos Showing Exercises to Increase Penis Size

Penis Enlargement Videos Showing Exercises to Increase Penis Size


There are many ways to go about penis enlargement. Pills, surgery, pumps and exercises. Many men tend to look into the first three options, and initially ignore the exercise option.

What many men don’t realize is that EXERCISES are considered the best, safest, and most natural method to increase penis size. Unfortunately it is not the penis enlargement exercises that get the most attention. It’s usually the pills that get the most press.

But pills don’t work. At best they provide a temporary blood flow increase making it look like you’ve gained a little size. But it’s just temporary, and most pills are just useless herbs which don’t even provide temporary size. They are basically all hype with no results.

So let’s explain how the exercises work. They basically consist of continued stroking from the base of the penis to the head, using just your hands and lubrication (which is applied to the penis). Your penis should be in a “semi-erect” state, meaning you should have a 50-60% erection, not a full erection. You should alternate hands, giving one slow and controlled stroke with your left hand, and then doing the same with your right hand. This works the tissue and over time, rebuilds it to bigger size, both in length and girth.

So while exercises to increase penis size are considered very effective, the next question is, where can you actually see what these exercises look like so you can really learn how to do them?

Most men will seek to read about how to do these exercises. But there is another method. Penis enlargement videos (which focus on exercising to increase penis size).

These are excellent, because they demonstrate exactly what the exercise looks like, much better than reading about it can do. Right away you will find out if exercising the penis is for you and is something you think you could stick with for a number of weeks (which is how long it takes to see good results).

Now from here, you can choose to go on and get further instruction, find a proven exercise routine which has worked for other guys, or decide against exercising altogether (maybe they are not for you, and you can’t see yourself doing them 3-5 days a week). The key is to actually take a look at the exercises from the start, and then you will know if it’s something you want to try.

Where can you find exercise videos?

There are enlargement exercise membership sites which will have videos available to view. You can also check out some free videos on blogs and video sharing websites first. These won’t be “explicit” in nature like the membership site videos, but they will use objects (hot dog, banana, balloon), to demonstrate the technique and give you a great idea of what exercising really consists of.

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Penis Enlargement Videos Showing Exercises to Increase Penis Size


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