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To Save the World – Book Review

To Save the World – Book Review


Colorful art on the hardcover novel To Save The World is also encased in protective slipcover that is printed with the same image. This fantasy adventure is easy-to-read with a nice sized font that increases the appeal to the younger audience. The author, Heather Hayashi, uses a style that is loaded with strong female characters and explores deeper understanding of human relationships.

Three powerful and strangely gifted Earth-women are brought to Arhka where the very bonds of their relationships are tested. Arkha, similar to Earth, is a world of small landmasses and oceans along with two main larger continents where four known intelligent beings co-exist… but not in peace.

Stephanie, her mother Elise, and her best-friend Eris travel between worlds and are forced into prejudiced wars that threaten the existence of two humanoid species on Arkha. Two distantly related humanoid races, the Vampires and Teregians, continue a war that has been going on for generations, while the Derus and Dragons battle a violent unknown species. Somehow, the planet must band together if they have any hope of overcoming a powerful and mysterious menace that threatens to harm many other worlds.

Zayr, emperor of Teregians, and handsome, valiant Desh learn to bury grudges and bitter memories while working with Drustag, the dragon agent who was sent to end the war between the two humanoids. Trust between the peoples may be an impossible task and they can’t seem to put their anger or the idea of bettering their own kind behind during this time of strife.

Powerful energy called Ith’rya is tapped into by many of these peoples but only Stephanie and her mother are able to yield it to their will. Stephanie proves to have a great skill with Ith’rya and becomes the focus of the races. She soon stands out as a teenage hero and is the strongest lead character in To Save The World.

Though the story of this battle ends, the war does not. The hard work only bought a reprieve and so much is left to discover – a perfect ending for The Arhka Chronicles, Vol. One.

Author: Heather Hayashi
Publisher: Synergy Books
ISBN: 193353835X

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To Save the World – Book Review


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