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Trading Forex Online? How to Find Trading Information

Trading Forex Online? How to Find Trading Information


The currency rates in the Forex market are fluctuating. The EURUSD is an example of a currency pair where the rate has been going up and down since August 2011. The rate has been bearish from august 2011 until June / July 2012 where the rate started to rise and ended around 1.3300 at the year end. The rate has in the short run been both bearish and bullish in the period august 2011 and the year end 2012.

The mindset in the article is to describe how traders simple find trader information on Twitter that provides them with knowledge to trade in the Forex market. The structure in the article is based on content from my Twitter profile and the focus is on how to find information on Twitter about “Fundamental and technical analyses”, “Range Trading”, “Currency pairs” and “Forex Social Trading Networks”.

Fundamental and technical analyses

Fundamental analyses are grounded on economic data publish during the year and political meetings. An example of economic data is a change in interest rates and employment rates etc. Technical analyses are analyses grounded on indicators like the Bollinger bands, stochastic etc.

Data used in the fundamental analyses are available on Twitter by searching on the word “economic calendar” or searching on the analysis in the currency the fundamental analysis should be found in. An example of a search on fundamental analysis in connection to the currency pair EURUSD could be written as “fundamental analysis EURUSD”.

Range Trading

Range Trading is trading in a range.

In range trading are the traders looking for a zigzag pattern where the currency rate goes up and down like a zigzag. The trader sets an upper and a lower channel. The upper channel represents the take profit level and the lower channel the stop/loss level. The median between the two channels represent the currency pair’s direction. If the currency is above the median is the currency pair considered as bullish and vice versa.

The traders trade in the range between the two channels. The two channels could be considered as an oversold and overbought situation as trading with the Bollinger Bands. The lower channel is the entry point and the upper channel the exit point.

Tweets available with information about the expected range during the week for each day are found by searching on example “Range Trading EURUSD”.

Currency pairs

A lot of information about a particular currency pair is found by searching on twitter. Enter example the currency pair EURUSD and wait a couple of minutes and a lot of new tweets are available about EURUSD.

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Trading Forex Online? How to Find Trading Information


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