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Useful Twitter Tips For Beginners

Useful Twitter Tips For Beginners


Twitter, Twitter, Twitter! Everywhere you go, you will see the word Twitter on people’s blogs or websites. Twitter has no doubt taken the virtual world by storm! So, if you have not jumped on to this Twitter bandwagon, it’s never too late to jump now! As probably this might be something new for you and it’s also why you end up reading my article now:) let’s take a few minutes and see what a Twitter beginner can do on his/her first day with Twitter!

To share links, shorten URLs

Alright, some of the web pages might have long URLs and you will be wondering, how on Earth can I squeeze those urls on a micro-blogging system that only allows 140 characters?! Fret no more. There are a lot of free tools to shrink or shorten the URLs so that you can tweet it within the limited characters allowed. The popular ones are,,,

To reply, use @ sign

So, if you want to create a reply to someone on twitter or send a message to that person publicly and you do not mind others knowing what you write for him/her, remember to put @ in front of the person’s Twitter username. For instance @username, meet you tonight!

To direct message, use DM

If you want to send a private message to Twitter users, you can locate this DM function in your Twitter control panel. However, do keep in mind that you can only direct message Twitter users who are following you only.

To retweet, put RT

Sometimes you find that certain tweets by other users are worth sharing. So, you intend to share it with your list of followers. It is best if you can retweet the original tweets and give credit back to the original user. Just put RT @username before you post it yourself.

To share photos, use TwitPic

Web 2.0 is all about sharing. Therefore, if you want to share photos via Twitter, you can opt to use TwitPic, the most popular image sharing services on Twitter. Go to and sign in with your Twitter username and password. There are other Twitter image sharing services as well. Those notable ones are TweetPhoto (, Twitgoo ( and Picktor (

To categorize your tweets, use # hashtag

When you want to create a group or special keywords, you can use #. For instance, #Obama will create a group that specifically mentions Obama. Hence, when you run a search on Twitter on Obama, it can easily track all the conversations or tweets on that topic.

I hope the article manages to help all of you get a glimpse on how to use Twitter.

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Useful Twitter Tips For Beginners


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