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Will You Do Me the Honor, Be My Valentine?

Will You Do Me the Honor, Be My Valentine?


When asking someone to be your valentine, you are showing an interest in that person. You want to impress them, and be romantic. I have some great tips on romancing the one you are with, or want to be with. You can bring in some new things that your valentine would never expect. You want to blow that love meter off the charts.

I love you, is one of the most common love sayings there is. You can say it in a new way. Romantic love letters are a great way to express how you are feeling. Wear your heart on your sleeve, and flip the chart for Valentines Day. You do not have to go get a romantic love poem, or a card. You could, and there would be nothing wrong with that, but I will show you a more romantic, personal way to say what you want.

You have the words in your heart. They are not bought at a store. You could write a love poem if you want, and have the words there. People love poetry, and it is even better when you write it from your heart. Make it extra special, by adding something in the middle of it that you two have done before. That personalizes it, and it shows that you really put thought into it.

If you write a poem, or romantic love letter, get some nice paper. Do not type it out, as it would not be as personal. Let them think you are the definition of love. If you put some time, thought and creativity in your letter about love, you will win their heart. Let them see you do have the love compatibility there. Once you have that master piece written out, you then turn your attention to your night.

If you are making a special dinner, set the mood. Get the right lighting, music, and flowers. If you have a fire place, that would be a nice add in too. Maybe light some candles around the room also. If your going out to dinner, make the reservation ahead of time. You want to make sure you have no trouble getting a good table and arrive a little early. Open doors for your date. Impressions are very important, whether it is your first date, or you are married. This counts, believe me, everyone pays attention to the little things. You could choose to give the letter over dinner, or to give it to them in the end. You could leave it in their car, or on the bed. Depending where the date ends. This would surely sweep your Valentines feet off the ground.


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Will You Do Me the Honor, Be My Valentine?


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