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Yellow Parrot Secrets

Yellow Parrot Secrets


Yellow Parrots can be found in the native regions of Central America, Mexico and South America and there are different kinds of sub species among them. Double headed Yellow Amazon, orange winged amazon, blue fronted amazon, red lored amazon and yellow naped amazon are some of the common varieties. Yellow nape parrot is known for its incredible singing and talking abilities and they are intelligent creatures, which display human sound very well. The size of the Yellow nape parrot ranges from 12-15 inches and the weight is around 480-680 gms. They are slowly becoming endangered species and they can be usually found along the regions of South Mexico, Costa Rica and Central America.

These pets can be wonderful companions, if the pet owners are willing to devote time and give them proper attention, otherwise they can get easily bored in the absence of mental stimulus. Hence, it is important to keep them active by imparting training sessions to them or by giving them toys, which they can chew. Another vital aspect of the personality of yellow parrot is that the males can get quite aggressive and display dominant behavior when they reach their peak levels of sexual maturity. In such times, the Yellow Amazon Parrots may have to be trained to become gentle and help them to cope well in such situations. This requires the ability to understand their varying mood patterns by the pet owners with a careful study and good deal of research.

Yellow Amazon Parrots are also known for making loud noises, which can get irritating to others, if not trained properly. The average life span of these parrot species ranges from 40-60 years and their chances of high survival also depend on the quality of food and nutrition which is provided to them. A healthy diet for a yellow parrot may consist of fresh fruits and vegetables with pellets which can be included in the diet. Besides, these pets also require physical activities in the absence of which they can become inactive and obese.

Pet owners also need to ensure that these pets get adequate sleep otherwise, they can become aggressive and stubborn. Some of the other behavioral traits that are usually exhibited by these parrot species include biting, excessive habit of chewing including screeching loudly. These behavior patterns can be improved by giving proper behavioral guidance and training during crucial phases of their life. It is necessary to develop a good rapport with the Yellow Parrot and provide necessary care and attention, which it deserves so that it can become your perfect companion.


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Yellow Parrot Secrets


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