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YouTube Marketing: Marketing Your Business Using YouTube

YouTube Marketing: Marketing Your Business Using YouTube


YouTube is not only a place to watch funny videos of cats; it is also a place to market your business. Great marketing goes to the people, and the people are on YouTube. Read on to find out what to put in your video, and how to get your customers watching.

Get Creative

What to put in a YouTube video is just as important as how to get the video to the masses. Think of your target audience and cater to that demographic. Spending some time on YouTube and seeing what types of videos get the most hits will point you in the right direction. Don’t feel like it needs to be a professional video to be on YouTube. The most watched videos are funny, useful, or just plain weird. If people are watching a video online, they want to be entertained. Keep things entertaining.

Make it Searchable

Often times people stumble on a video on accident rather than because they were the targeted audience. When creating your video, be sure to use the available tags in YouTube that will allow your video to come up in a search. If you are a pest control business for example, you can use tags such as: Pest control, bugs, termites, home and lawn. The more relevant tags you include, the more likely your video will pop up for people to see.

Blog or Website

If your company has a blog or website, embedding a YouTube video in the blog or website is a great way to get people watching. When people come to a website looking for information about a company and see an option to watch a video, curiosity will get the best of them and they will watch. When posting a video on a blog, use words like “rate our video below” to entice people to view the video.


Emailing your video to your distribution list is a quick way to get information to the people quickly. This also allows recipients of the email to press forward, and send on the videos to others. YouTube videos go “viral” because people share them. Having a solid video that people want to watch in an email is a sure way to get people forwarding.

Go Social

In our current world most people are on a social network site of some sort (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). We hear “like us on Facebook” in almost every ad on TV. Because so many people are on these social networking sites, post YouTube videos on your company’s social media sites. When a customer “likes” your video, it will show up on the newsfeed for their friends to see, and will encourage more people to watch.

Using YouTube is a great way to market to the masses. Take these ideas and expand on them, and watch your marketing grow!

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YouTube Marketing: Marketing Your Business Using YouTube


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